Retrieve option value based on setting name and blog_id.

If the option does not exist or does not have a value, then the return value
will be false. This is useful to check whether you need to install an option
and is commonly used during installation of plugin options and to test
whether upgrading is required.
There is a filter called 'blog_option_$option' with the $option being
replaced with the option name. The filter takes two parameters. $value and
$blog_id. It returns $value.
The 'option_$option' filter in get_option() is not called.

Uses apply_filters() Calls 'blog_option_$optionname' with the option name value.

get_blog_option() 描述


<?php get_blog_option$blog_id$setting$default ?>

get_blog_option() 用法



(integer) (必填) is the id of the blog.

默认值: None


(string) (必填) Name of option to retrieve. Should already be SQL-escaped.

默认值: None


(string) (可选) Default value returned if option not found.

默认值: false

get_blog_option() 参数



Value set for the option.

get_blog_option() 返回值