Displays a link to the category or categories a post belongs to. This tag must be used within The Loop.

the_category() 描述


 <?php the_category$separator$parents$post_id ); ?> 

the_category() 用法



(string) (可选) Text or character to display between each category link. By default, the links are placed in an HTML unordered list. An empty string will result in the default behavior.

默认值: empty string


(string) (可选) How to display links that reside in child (sub) categories. Options are:
 ▪ 'multiple' - Display separate links to parent and child categories, exhibiting "parent/child" relationship.
 ▪ 'single' - Display link to child category only, with link text exhibiting "parent/child" relationship.

默认值: empty string
Note: Default is a link to the child category, with no relationship exhibited.


(int) (可选) Post ID to retrieve categories. The default value false results in the category list of the current post.

默认值: false

the_category() 参数


Separated by Space

List categories with a space as the separator.

<?php the_category(' '); ?>

Separated by Comma

Displays links to categories, each category separated by a comma (if more than one).

<?php the_category(', '); ?>

Separated by Arrow

Displays links to categories with an arrow (>) separating the categories.
Note: Take care when using this, since some viewers may interpret a category following a > as a subcategory of the one preceding it.

<?php the_category('&gt; '); ?>

Separated by a Bullet

Displays links to categories with a bullet (•) separating the categories.

<?php the_category('&bull;'); ?>

the_category() 示例